Environmental Policy Statement

Efficient Use of Energy

F.I.R.E will respond to the national need to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions to help combat global climate change. F.I.R.E will seek to minimise energy use in every area of its activities including heating and lighting.

Efficient Use of Water

F.I.R.E will seek to conserve water supplies. F.I.R.E will seek to minimise water use in every area of its activities in particular with extinguisher refilling and vehicle washing.

Reduction of Transport Impacts

F.I.R.E will seek to reduce its contribution to the growing problems of air pollution and traffic congestion.

Minimisation of Waste, Maximisation of Recycling

F.I.R.E will seek to minimise the amount of waste which it generates. It will also promote recycling wherever possible.

Sustainable Land Management

In its management of land, F.I.R.E will seek to minimise adverse impacts on, and take opportunities to enhance, wildlife and the natural environment. F.I.R.E will in particular aim to protect ground water and rivers from pollution caused by extinguishing agents.

Raising Awareness

F.I.R.E will ensure that all of its staff are familiar with this policy and get the opportunity to find out more about environmental sustainability issues. Students attending Extinguisher Technician Courses will be made aware of their legal responsibilities and ways in which they can minimise the significant environmental impact resulting from their actions.

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