How To Buy Extinguisher Servicing

Are you bewildered by the apparent wide range and structure in pricing of servicing by extinguisher companies?

Unlike electrical and plumbing contractors the extinguisher technician cannot be sure of what work is required until they attend site and it is not cost effective to survey a site up front. Extinguisher servicing companies therefore tend to quote for attending each site and then a unit price to service each extinguisher - routine service parts are charged for on top of this. Realistically this should cost around 30.00 + VAT attendance and 3.00 + VAT per extinguisher service, with routine service parts typically adding 1.00 - 3.00 + VAT to the servicing rate.

Other charges over and above basic servicing will include water, foam, wet chemical and dry powder extinguishers need 'extended' servicing every 5 years - this is a discharge test and refill to ensure that the extinguisher functions correctly and is the only time the technician can get to inspect the inside of stored pressure extinguishers for corrosion. CO2 extinguishers contain CO2 gas stored at very high pressure and require an 'overhaul' every ten years - this is a hydraulic pressure test of the body (refer to Extinguisher Servicing Terminology Section that follows for clarification).

Apart from checking out the credibility of your chosen supplier (refer to How to Buy fire extinguishers section. click here to view), make sure you get a price list identifying these costs before work begins to avoid a nasty shock later when the invoice comes in!

All the same do not be tempted to go for the cheapest or for that matter the most expensive - price is not an accurate guide. Instead tend to go for something in between looking for signs of good service, attention to detail and reasonably priced for the time likely to be spent at site. An offer to service 100 extinguishers at 40p each might appear good value but do you really think that your servicing bill is only going to be 40 for up to two days work!

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