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Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996
These regulations standardise UK signage with those used across Europe. Two styles for fire exit signs have been agreed to be in use, with BS5499: Part 1: 1999 having taken priority. Although the 92/58/EC European signs are still available, the two styles MUST NOT be mixed.

We supply and fix Jalite quality signs supplied in photoluminescent as standard (plain white available upon request) to supplement/in place of emergency lighting. Jalite signs are made from quality rigid uPVC backing material, this product is tested to meet British Standard requirements. We fix signs securely to walls using either silicon adhesive from a gun or hang them from ceiling tiles with a suspension kit

Specials Signs can be made to order using self adhesive vinyl (not suitable for photoluminescent signs), rigid plastic aluminium and foamex.

If in doubt give us a call.

F.I.R.E provides means of escape and fire safety signs local surveys for only 59.00 + VAT per building which is fully refundable against any subsequent signs order you place with us.

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